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This is the Kevmiya Pad for Desk, 31.5X15.74 Inches, PU Leather Material Desk Pad. I was looking for some type of desk pad that looked good while streaming, and was waterproof. I ended up buying five of these desk pads for my shop.

This is the Anker 10 Port 60W Data Hub. I had to purchase a USB powered hub because my motherboard did not have enough USB plugs for all five of my streaming digital cameras, and my other external USB equipment. This USB HUB has better construction quality compared to the other hubs I've purchased. It’s heavy, powered, and it has lights to show you it's on.

This is a pack of Mybecca 12 PACK Acoustic Foam Wedge Soundproofing Wall Tiles. These foam tiles don’t really soundproof a room, but they do cut down on room echo during streaming. After installing them I still had some echo in my shop due to the bare floor, but I can’t use carpet on the floor because I sometimes accidentally drop small camera parts off my desk. I purchased five of these Mybecca packs to cover my shop walls.

This is AmazonsBasics Gaffers Tape. I sure wish I had discovered this tape several decades ago, I would have been using it instead of masking tape and duct tape. It is a thin cloth based tape that sticks to itself real well, but not very well to anything else which makes it great for wire management. With this tape you can tape wires into bundles and hide them under your desk using a Channel Cable Raceway. You'll just have to try it to understand. It's made for wrapping around things, and it comes off clean without leaving goo.

This is the NOVETE Handheld Vacuum Cleaner. After I finish working on a camera I have to cleanup my desktop. I was using an older Black+Decker hand vacuum that would only last a few minutes before the battery gave out and needed recharging, then I discovered this Novete that has a Li-ion battery which lasts for ten minutes. I use it now in my repair shop to clean the desktop and the floor.

This is VELCRO Brand ONE-WRAP Cable Ties. When you're streaming, you don't want a hundred cables laying all over your desk. It looks bad. I've used cable management on my computers before, but using cable management on my shop work desk was a new adventure for me. The main tools I used to manage cables were these velcro cable wrap ties and a channel cable raceway. I purchased a pack of these velcro cable ties twice.

This is the J Channel Cable Raceway. I had never done any cable management under my desk before and I was not sure how this cable raceway worked, or if I even needed it, but it turned out to be the most useful product I could buy for cable management (Along with velcro cable ties.). It’s a plastic tray you mount to the wall, or desk, with screws, and then you push your wires/cables into it. These trays are very large and will hold ten or more cables. I found them very useful for holding USB, HDMI, and AC cables up under my desk.

This is the 50 Pcs Black Cable Tie Base Saddle Type Mount Wire Holder. I needed a fastener to hold single wires/cables under my desk and ended up buying this item. One screw holds it in place and then you use velcro ties or zip ties to hold the wires/cables in place. I purchased two packs.