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This is the Sony a5100. I didn't know much about digital cameras when I went shopping for a streaming camera, but I did know that I wanted a digital camera with interchangeable lenses for streaming on Twitch. I also knew I would need to buy about six cameras for streaming different views, so I needed the lowest priced camera I could afford. After a lot of research I selected the Sony a5100. I liked how the viewscreen flipped up so I could see what was being streamed and I liked the low price. The bad news was this camera had a history of overheating and shutting down after about 10 minutes of shooting video. I solved this problem by using a dummy battery, keeping the viewscreen up, and putting a heat sink on the back of the camera with thermal tape. I purchased six of these cameras and I've had no problems with them.

This is the Sony SEL16F28 16mm f/2.8 Wide-Angle Lens. I purchased a Sony SEL30M35 30mm f/3.5 Macro Lens first for my face view streaming camera, but the framed shot was a little too close so I purchased this Sony 28mm and it worked out well for my streaming camera setup. The thing I like the best about this lens is its small size and price. It adds no weight at all to my camera, it focuses fast, and the lens price is reasonable.

This is the Sony SEL30M35 30mm f/3.5 e-mount Macro Fixed Lens. I purchased this lens because it was a macro lens. Sony only has a few macro lenses for the a5100. Since it has no external lens controls I have to use the camera's menu to change it from autofocus to manual focus, so I tend to leave it in the autofocus mode. This lens is fairly small and light compared to my other macro lens. I purchased two of these Sony SEL30M35 30mm lenses.

This is the Sony SEL50M28 FE 50mm F2.8 Full Frame E-mount Lens. I purchased this macro lens for closeup shots of my camera repair work while streaming on Twitch. I’m not totally happy with this lens. It’s large, heavy, and the autofocus is very slow, but it does have a very good manual macro focus mode which is what I needed. The focus controls are on the barrel of the lens which makes it easier to use when switching from autofocus to manual focus. I purchased two of these Sony SEL50M28 FE 50mm lenses.

These are BNTECHGO 4 Pcs 40mm x 40mm x 11mm Golden Aluminum Heat Sink Cooling Fins. I found this heat sink useful for keeping the Sony a5100 CPU cool, which prevents the camera from shutting off in video mode. The heat sinks 40mm size is a perfect fit for the back of the a5100 camera. I used thermal tape to stick the aluminum heat sink on the camera. I've purchased four packs of these BNTECHGO heat sinks.

This is 25Mx20mmx0.15mm Thermal Adhesive Tape. I used this thermal tape to mount my BNTECHGO Aluminum Heat Sink to the back of my Sony a5100 to keep the CPU cool. This keeps the Sony a5100 from overheating and turning off during long video streaming/recording sessions.

This is the FIT-POWER ACPW20 (replacement Sony NP-FW50) dummy battery. The Sony a5100 will shut off if you use a battery for long periods of time in video mode due to battery heating. This AC dummy battery produces no heat and solves the problem. I've purchased six of them.

This is the if-link HDMI Capture,HDMI to USB 3.0,Full HD 1080P Live Video Capture. The quality ratings for different Capture Cards is all over the board. It’s hard to find one company, or one model, that has a consistent good rating among streamers unless you’re willing to spend up to $300.00 on a capture card. I purchased one of these if-link capture cards and tested it with my a5100 Sony. The test turned out good so I purchased five more of these HDMI capture cards. Also, this if-link has a Monitor Output plug that I find useful during steaming to help me see what my camera is viewing. I recommend this if-link model capture card for streaming.

This is the Nanosecond Extreme Slim 2.6’ Micro HDMI Cable. If you stream with a digital camera you will need a micro HDMI cable adapter so you can plug into your camera’s HDMI output port. I bought several different brands of HDMI adapters, but most were too large or too stiff. After searching I found this small HDMI cable adapter which was small enough to work without putting a strain on the camera’s HDMI port. I purchased six of these for my streaming digital cameras.

This is the Neewer Quick Shoe Place Adapter for cameras. It’s all aluminum and gives your digital camera added security with its large base plate. It is very solidly built. I've purchased six of them, one for each camera I own.

This is the Neewer Mini Travel Tabletop Camera Tripod 24 inches. I planned to use this tabletop tripod to hold one of my streaming cameras. I was disappointed when it arrived at my shop because the tripod had too much plastic in the head controls, but after reconsidering I decided to use it since the tripod does not need to move during streaming.