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This is the V-MODA BoomPro Microphone. I tested five lavalier mics and four headset mics over a period of several days. The two best sounding microphones (to my ears) were the V-MODA headset mic and the JKMIC-J 017 lavalier mic. I purchased two V-MODA BoomPro microphones.

This is the Cooler Master MH-751 MH751 2.0 Gaming Headset. This headset is a real conundrum. Of all the headsets I’ve owned, this headset is the most comfortable and has close to the best microphone, yet the price is extremely low. I don’t get it. I tested it against all the microphones I own and only the V-MODA beat it, and not by much. What can I say? Just buy it and see for yourself. I purchased two of them.

This is the GoXLR Mini audio interface, and it’s one of the best purchases I ever made. Audio is always a struggle when trying to figure out Windows10 audio setting, microphone audio settings, game audio settings, and getting them all to work together during a stream. The GoXLR is a central control unit that makes audio much simpler. There is a learning curve with the unit, but it’s not as bad as the alternative. My only complaint is their software. It still has some bugs. I purchased two of these.

This is the Pro Condenser Lavalier Lapel Microphone JK MIC-J 017 (Compatible with Sennheiser Wireless Transmitter). I tested five different lavalier mics and this one came out the winner after several days of testing. But . . . I had to buy a XLR to 1/8 Female Adapter (which is listed below) and plug the adapter into the XLR port on the back of my GoXLR Mini to make it work. It would not work with the 3.5mm microphone plug on my computer or the 3.5mm plug on my GoXLR. So yes, it’s a great lavalier mic if you’re willing to jump through a few hoops.

This is the XLR to 1/8 Female Adapter. I had to purchase this adapter to make my Pro Condenser Lavalier Lapel Microphone JK MIC-J 017 work properly. If you plan to buy the JK MIC-J 017 you might need a XLR plug source and this adapter. Of course you could also purchase the Sennheiser Wireless Transmitter if you wish to go that route.