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I began repairing cameras in 1978 and I’m still using many of those same tools I purchased when I started my journey in this trade. This is a list of the tools I use daily to service cameras. Unfortunately, most of my tools are no longer available so I have selected replacement tools for this list that are of a high quality. This is not a complete list of all the camera repair tools I have in my shop, it's only a list of the ones I use the most often. It's a list of camera repair tools any hobbiest would need to work on cameras.

I have added comments to the tools that may be helpful in choosing the best ones for your needs. I plan to post camera repair tool video reviews on Youtube in the months ahead so this tool list should grow larger with time. I'm on Youtube and Twitch under the user name Kori_35.

*This is an affiliate website. All the products listed have links. There is no additional cost to you when purchasing a linked product. I always appreciate it when subs to my Twitch and Youtube channels make purchases using my links.

Look through the categories and when you see a section that interests you, click on the Link.

Pliers Round / Flat / Wire Cutter

Power Tools / Soldering Tools

Hammers / Anvils / Mini Files

Solvents / Oil / Grease / Paints

Containers / Parts Tray / Cleaners

Miscellaneous Tools

Screwdrivers / Tweezers

Camera Battery

Probes / Picks / Punches / Scribe