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The local camera repair shop told me my classic 35mm camera could not be repaired!

If you take your classic 35mm camera to a local camera repair shop, nine times out of ten they will tell you it cannot be repaired, or that parts are no longer available, or that it is not worth repairing. But, there a a good possibly that your camera was put on a shelf and never even be opened by a technician for inspection.

At ACR our specialty is restoring classic manual focus SLR cameras. We are not saying we can repair every 35mm camera that comes in the door, but we do have very good success rates. We repair and restore many classic 35mm cameras that other repair shops have turned away as unrepairable.

In fairness to all camera shops, we will say that they are in the business to make a profit just like ACR, and that they are forced to tell you your camera is not repairable to avoid an argument. Sometimes it is their policy not to work on the older classic 35mm cameras. Other times the repair shops they subcontract to refuses to work on the older manual focus 35mm. And just maybe it's easier for them to sell you a new camera instead of repairing yours.

What we are trying to say in a nice way is, 'Do not always believe what your local repair shop tells you.' If you like your camera and you think it is worth the cost of repair, we will try to repair it. You can depend on ACR to actually open your camera for a true inspection.

And finally, if we cannot repair your camera there is no $20 to $35 service charge. We will return your payment with your camera and enclose a note explaining what we found wrong with your camera. We will also offer to buy your camera if we need that particular model for parts. The only thing you risk by sending your camera to ACR is the shipping costs, we pay the return shipping.